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  1. Sorsha says

    Could you tell me if the EO Good for Everyone lotion is okay? I have the coconut lemon one. I looked at the bottle and it says no synthetic fragrances, but honestly I don’t know what to believe anymore when it comes to what companies tell me, and what is actually the truth.

  2. David Lin says

    Good Evening,

    ​My name is David Lin and I am the CEO of Showered With Hope, a NYC based prospective not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to help people experiencing homelessness through the means of personal hygiene, so our mission is to transform and retrofit a transit bus into a portable hygiene station. As per the status of our organization, we are currently in talks with NYC councilmen for funding for this mobile hygiene station, but we have launched a few secondary projects.

    One of our programs is the hygiene kit project. We received a generous donation from a private corporation and recently convert them to hygiene kits. We then distributed them out to those living on the streets of NYC experiencing homelessness. Due to the success of this program, we have decided to continue it and make it larger and more wide spread. With enough kits created, we hope to launch a massive street outreach run across NYC. I believe that this would be an awesome opportunity for a potential partnership where it could be beneficial to both organizations!

    We are still in Phase 1 of this mega-project, and we are looking for potential donors to this project. Our goal is to create 1,000 hygiene kits, and we are looking for any unused/unsold/excess personal hygiene supplies- shampoo, soap bar, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, etc. This entire operation will be recorded through our media team, where we plan on spreading awareness of this silent problem – that those experiencing homelessness to not have access to a basic human right of personal hygiene. And in return, we want to promote all of our donors in the video. Additionally, we would love to promote your organization/company and share with our audience all the help we have received from your organization through our website, social media pages, at our fundraisers and PR events.

    Please let me know if there could be any possibility of this.

    Thank you so much for you time.

    David Lin

    ​CEO, Showered With Hope
    Phone: 718.968.5350

  3. Lori Caputo says

    I have to applaud you on your prices! I too make my natural homemade lotions, and other products so the everyday person can afford them. Thank you for doing this business for the profit of others, and not the profit of becoming rich. This alone tells me you are very enlightened, and you think of others well being as well. This truly touches my heart! xx

  4. C.Campbell says

    Hi Maia – Do you have any other recommendations for facial moisturizers for adults? My husband and I struggle to find some healthy alternatives to the stuff we see on most store shelves. We check the EWG site when we can but it never fails than when we run out and are at any given store, we’re suddenly reading each and every moisturizer bottle on the shelf, often getting frustrated with not finding too many good things. Other than the 7th Generation, do you have any other things that have worked well for you or your clients? Or any homemade recipes for facial moisturizers?

  5. Anna Brothers says

    Hey Maia! Do you know if Nubian Heritage lotions are ok? They are the best smelling ones I have found, so I’m hoping so!

  6. Paula says

    Hi! I have a question about the home made lotion recipe …can I add fresh aloe from my garden or it needs to be from the store? Aloe juice, puree, pulp or how is it called? Thank you!

    • Maia James says

      Hello! I am not much of a DIYer, and stole that recipe from a friend of a friend. I think you could definitely play around with fresh aloe from your garden! Let me us know how it turns out:).

  7. Anna Brothers says

    Hey Maia! Do you know if Nubian Heritage lotions are ok? They are the best smelling ones I have found, so I’m hoping so!

  8. Mei says

    Hi Maia, have you heard much about Arbonne products? They talk about using pure, botanical based ingredients but I’m not sure if they use some sneaky ingredients?

  9. LisaLT says

    hI, I am currently using antabuse for alcholoisim, and cannot consume or absorb alcohol on my skin. What is he best product to use that doesn’t have any alcohol? Are there any?

    • Maia James says

      I’m sorry, but as I am not a medical professional, I suggest you let your doctor look at the ingredients on any product you are considering to make sure it’s 100% free of alcohol. 

  10. Arielle Graber says

    Do you have information regarding EO Good for Everyone lotion? I was also wondering about the Simple brand face moisturizer. Any advice and recommendation would be appreciated!

  11. Michelle says

    What face lotion would you recommend? I have been searching different sites and I’m still not sure which one to go with. I’ve switched to Acure body lotion and shampoo/conditioner, but still need something for the face. Thank you so much! 🙂

  12. Debbie says

    Hi Maia
    Out of desperation to help my eczema baby I am interested in trying Vaseline original 100% petroleum and Vaseline Deep moisture jelly cream (new?). Do they both contain toxins?

    I’ve tried other options but some natural products have scents like shea butter.

    Thank you

  13. Debbie says

    Hi Maia

    What are your thoughts on Vaseline 100 % petroleum and the deep moisturizer jelly cream? I read reviews that Vaseline takes out the carcinogens of their petroleum while off brands may not. Their deep moisture jelly cream has a bunch of ingredients that I am not sure if it’s safe. Some natural products have scents so it hasn’t worked on my eczema baby.

  14. Kandice says

    Hi Maia,

    Have your heard of Andalou Naturals? Specifically the Kukui Coco Body Butter lotion. Would you consider them good stuff?

    Thank you!!

  15. Tina says

    I like the Acure products, as you indicated as well, but I looked them up on EWG and they score differently depending on the product. More specifically, the lotions and body washes have ingredients that score as high as a 5. Just wondering if these ingredients should be concerning and if Acure isn’t as natural as I hoped?

    • Maia James says

      Acure uses some natural ingredients that EWG rates poorly–such as clove bud oil. I personally am not worried about these ingredients, especially in the quantities found in Acure’s products.

  16. Neha goraksh says

    I don’t understand how you have labelled some hand creams sneaky because they have phenoxyethanol or other alcohol while saying products like Beautycounter are good even if they have equally bad ingredients?

  17. Linda says

    I also have a question about Acure Hand Lotions. I see they contain Tocopherol acetate which seems to be quite a controversial ingredient (EWG rates it a 3 and I also saw this statement: may have potentially carcinogenic properties). I did read an article that says it is worth watching for information on this ingredient (a form of Vitamin E).
    Do you have any information around the safety of this ingredient.

    Thank you

  18. Lara Malone says

    Any advice on keeping homemade lotion fresh? I’ve made it several times, and before long I detect mold inside the container. Keeping it in the fridge is not something I’m going to do lol.

  19. Audra says

    I plan to follow the recipe posted above to make the homemade lotion. I see that it is referred to as a body lotion. Will it be okay to use this on my face as well? Thanks 🙂

  20. Sonia says

    Hey Maia – thanks for keeping us all sane. Have you looked into Andalou Naturals? I use their lotion and it seems like Good Stuff but it’s so hard to tell. I use the 1000 Roses body butter and love it but who knows these days! Thanks!

  21. Thebeautyitem says

    Thank you so much for this article. Actually, this article is so attractive for all. Body lotion are most important for body skin care. I think this article is better than another article.

  22. Debbie Lippitt says

    I am 68 and have lived in the desert and sun most of my life and have very dry skin. I can tell you that coconut oil is not near the top of the list for moisturizing..Avocado, almond, and olivere all way better..all easily purchased. Still looking for a wonderful lotion cream(chem free) that doesn’t have lavender(what you used to put in linen closets to keep bugs away..yuk)..or still using the oils straight from the sheets and bed clothes end up smelling but it is worth it.

  23. Alissa Corrao says

    Hi there,

    Do you have any thoughts on Honey Girl Organics? I just purchased samples of their face and eye creams and facial scrubs. They seem like “good stuff”, but I am just curious if you feel the same way. Thanks!

  24. Suzanne says

    I’m in the process of researching lotions / body creams so loved all of your info. Any thoughts on Andalou Naturals Body Lotions? This may sound strange but I have a vision impairment and my sense of smell picked up where my eyes left off! lol Anyway, Andalou offers two of my favorite lotion scents, clementine and vanilla. Would greatly appreciate your thought on this option for lotion. Thanks!

  25. Justina Merdian says

    What are your thoughts on Tula skincare line? I usually use Acure and beauty counter but came across that brand and was curios!

  26. hemp cream says

    Thank you for this amazing article. I am hopeful that this will help me with all that my body has been dealing with lately. I will share with my tiktok audience of 110K also 🙂

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