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  1. Yvette says

    I am wondering if the Lifefactory Glass Bottle with Straw Cap has a silicone or plastic straw and if so, would it be considered The Good Stuff…

    I’ve also been looking at “Buggygear Drinkadeux Glass Double Wall Bottle” but I think reviewers complain that it does have a lot of parts to clean. I wonder how it compares with Green Sprouts glass straw cup.

  2. cat says

    Just a piece of info I recently learned: Thermos doesn’t offer replacement parts on their Foogo stuff. So if you need to replace the straws like I did because of the dreaded black spots that grow on them, you’ll be out of luck. On the bright side, the Thermos Foogo brand sippies are very durable and can be used as cups even after the straw parts are no good anymore.

  3. Nina says

    Silicone is NOT safe. Most of what you find when you google silicone toxicity relates to breast implants- apparently thousands of women have been very ill from implants (the covering of even saline implants is silicone), with no one relating it to silicone. I found an article where a former DOW chemist states that “silicone is silicone” Dr. Susan Kolb, who wrote a book on the toxicity of implants has a list of all of the chemicals – including heavy metals which comprise silicone. The more you dig, the worse it looks.

    • Maia James says

      Hi Nina-
      I agree with you that glass or stainless steel should be first choice, and that silicone shouldn’t be heated. Other than that, I am not convinced that it poses a significant risk.

      • Leah Nathan says

        What are your thoughts in research re silicone baby bottles (como tomo), as opposed to BPA free plastic? My baby has to have breastmilk heated in a bottle at daycare, where they dont allow glass, so I have been using silicone. Cant seem to get a clear answer on the best non-glass option.

  4. Rebecca says

    Do you know anything about the Contigo Autospout Flip Chill kids stainless steel water bottle? This one:

    I’ve had a hard time finding much information about it. I like it because it’s stainless steel, spill-proof, insulated, has a straw, and protected flip up mouthpiece (to better avoid germs). I’d love to know more details about the type of plastic used for the cap and straw, though, and haven’ been able to find any reviews on blogs about it.

    • Maia James says

      I don’t know about this cup! Looks cool though. Like you, I would want to know what the plastic part is made of…my best guess is thermoplastic rubber. Which is not terrible, but I’ve chosen not to carry cups in my store that have thermoplastic mouthpieces.

  5. Carrie says

    How does my sitter heat the breastmilk in the stainless steel bottle? Does it affect the breastmilk if she heats the bottle and milk in hot water?

    • Rainbo James says

      Breast milk should ONLY be heated in warm/hot water! Never microwave breast milk! Glass mason jars are a great choice for storing and heating breast milk. You might even be able to find a nipple to go right on the mason jar.

      • Michelle says

        Mason Bottle makes nipples for Mason jars. You can get just the nipple and cap or the whole set with the Mason jar. They also have silicone sleeves to protect the glass. It’s a great option, especially for breast milk since you don’t have to transfer it to a new container to feed the baby.

  6. Matt Akers says

    Hi, some great reading, wish I found this page 18months ago before our daughter was born. Now off to the shops and have all the plastic in the recycle bin!!

    Just wondering, do you ship over seas, as we are in New Zealand?

  7. jennifer says

    It looks like all of the above “good stuff” options are made in China (Life Factory being the one option made in USA). Do you know of any additional made is USA straw cups for toddlers besides Lolacup – which is horrible with leaks! It seem slike almost all of the food vehicle options are made in China which is very alarming to me.
    Thanks for any advice,

    • Maia James says

      Unfortunately, no, I do not know any other non-toxic sippy cups that are made in the USA. Is there a reason you don’t like LifeFactory?.

    • Maia James says

      I wasn’t familiar with that product, but I just checked it out and yes at first glance it looks fine.

  8. Grace says

    Hi! I was going to pick up a Pura Kiki 5 ounce bottle, because the 11 ounce is too big for my 6 month old. I called the company to see if they had a straw that would fit, and they said sure! Just snip the 11 ounce straw in half and that works fine. Would this still qualify as good stuff for you or am I leaching extra silicone by snipping it? Thank you!

  9. Sarah says

    Great post, thanks! I have recently been trying to figure out what do do in this department. I had the green sprouts glass inside sippy cups and I did love them although it is true that they can break fairly easily had do have an annoying number of parts to clean. Here is my recent solution that you may be interested in. I used glass bottles for my son, and I just converted a glass Avent Phillips bottle into a sippy cup… their plastic penguin sippy cup top fits right onto the glass bottle! I’m sure you can do the same with other brands…. next I will try this with our Born Free glass bottles, and what would be even better about that is I have a silicone sleeve that fits over those bottles so this would make it all the better. Anyhow, thought you and your readers might be interested 🙂

  10. Tamara says

    These all look great but some are 11 ounces which is too big for a 6 month old. Any recommendations of straw cups that are 4-6 ounces?

    • Maia James says

      You can get a Pura bottle and put a sippy spout on it, but the straw is too long and will only work for the larger bottles.

  11. Christy says

    Hi what is the story with the Replay line that is made in the USA from recycled milk bottles? Thank you so much. I find it so frustrating to not have safe sippy cups utensils and plates/bowls made in the USA. Also, tritan…bad stuff???

    • Maia James says

      Milk jugs are made from #2 plastic, high-density polyethylene. All evidence suggests that this is a safe, non-leaching plastic, but I still wouldn’t put Re-play items in the microwave. I would avoid Tritan. Some studies suggest that it’s main component, triphenyl phosphate, has more estrogenic properties than BPA.

  12. Chelsea says

    Great article! However, I would NOT recommend the EcoVessel sippee cup. Second time my kid used it and dropped it, the cheap plastic top shattered, making it unusable. Despite reaching out to Ecovessel multiple times, the most they have done is send me an incorrect replacement part. Every other sippee cup my kid has used withstands normal wear and tear but not this one!

  13. Sarah Haynes says

    Thermos foogo has a hard plastic straw inside, which rather detracts from the point of sipping through silicone… Why Thermos???

    The Pura silicone straw fits it, but I can’t find them available single (ie come with the mouthpiece).

    I found a listing somewhere about a silicone straw I could buy yo fit it, but can’t find that now… Any tips? (available in Australia).

      • Shawn says

        Thanks, Sarah, for posting this. I had the same reaction when I opened my Foogos today.

        I looked at the Thinkbaby replacement straws online but wanted to ask — do they come apart or did you need to cut them?

  14. Shannon says

    We LOVE EcoVessel and Klean Kanteen (we even had the bottles from Klean Kanteen). The EcoVessel straw is great because you don’t have to suck so hard – we have a couple of the ‘Scout’ cups.

    Two questions –
    -What do you think of EcoVessel’s items other than cups – we have stainless snack cups w/ a silicone (?) lid and then collapsable silicone snack holders with plastic (?) lids.
    -What are your thoughts on the newer Munchkin stainless steel 360 cup? It also looks like they are making the snack cup things that are very similar to the EcoVessel ones.

    I try to pack my 16-months old daycare lunch/snacks in all re-usable containers, so I’m always looking for stuff. We used to like just the cheap 4oz Ball mason jars, but the lids rust quickly and I don’t even know if they are appropriate to begin with. We’ve liked the EcoVessel stuff, but it isn’t cheap (but worth it so far).

    Thank you!

  15. Laura says

    Hi! Thank you so much for this and all your other guides–they have been tremendously helpful to me in my first 9 months as a parent!

    I have been using the pura kiki bottles for my son for several months and love them. However, the bottles seems to be too heavy for my son to comfortably hold. This hasn’t been issue but he has recently started to take an interest in holding his own bottle, and while using a regular plastic bottle at a family members he was able to do so without issue. Any suggestions for a bottle that is non-toxic but lightweight enough for my son to use as a trainer cup.


  16. Lauren says

    What about Munchkin Miracle 360 cups?

    Also any thoughts on the brand WeeSprout for baby food storage and reusable food pouches?

    Thank you

    • Jennifer Gavrich says

      I’d love to know your thoughts on this soppy cup too! Love all your research! It’s such a huge help.

  17. Nicole says

    Thank you for the guide! Do you know if any of your recommended brands have a flexible spout? I’ve reached out to a few companies but frustratingly haven’t gotten a response. My lactation consultant recommended one that requires baby to compress the spout to get milk because we’re going to work on training to a sippy cup soon. My three month old daughter refuses bottles and I’m returning to work in a couple months! Thanks 😊

    • Maia James says

      you mean for a sippy cup? The straw on the Pura bottle definitely required the child to compress the straw–it’s not like a regular straw where you simply suck.

  18. Jenna Johnson says

    You are so knowledgeable!!! Thank you for posting this- I was wondering about the lifefactory glass bottles- but going to settle for the green sprouts- who would’ve thought, hormone disruptors?!

    Thank you for such great mom advice 🙂

        • Kelly Davis says

          Liquid gets between the glass and the plastic cover when it is tipped over. The liquid then comes out of the hole at the bottom. My daughter would constantly suck at the bottom where the liquid would come out. There is definitely a risk of lead exposure from these cups. The straws also contain cadmium.

  19. Rebecca says

    Thanks so much for the guide. What do you think about Thermos Funtainers? They are stainless steel, double walled, with a silicone straw. Any issues?

    Also, not 100% related to this post, but wondering about the Lunchbots containers for lunches, insulated and non insulated.

    Thanks! Enjoy Hawaii!!

  20. Presley says

    Just wanted to let you know that the think baby stainless sippy is pretty easy to find now. I’ve bought several in the last year, from local stores and Amazon. I know that part of your review stated that it was always out of stock before you updated, so please give it another look over. We love it at our house!

    • Maia James says

      These are stainless steel and silicone and polypropylene, but they do also contain TPE (which I find conflicting info on, so I would avoid for now).

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Maia!

      Thank you so much for all of your hard work putting these product guides together! I too am wondering about the Skip Hop stainless steel cups. Thanks in advance!

  21. Swetha says

    Any ideas about this product? Please share

    MoomooBaby Stainless Steel Baby Bottle with Fast Flow Silicone Nipple & Matching Handle 8-Ounce

  22. Victoria says

    Maybe I just want extra reassurance(because I’m neurotic too ;)), but my toddler’s insulated Eco Vessel has a printed bottom with cut-out seam. Is this a safe one? Thanks. I’m going to order a Pura Kiki too.

  23. Shelby Sidoti says

    Hi, I was wondering about the straw and sippy cups fromTarget, usually made by Circa? They claim to be BPA free. Please Advise
    Thank you

  24. Shelby says

    Hi, I was wondering about the straw and sippy cups fromTarget, usually made by Circa? They claim to be BPA free. Please Advise
    Thank you

  25. Jackie says

    Hi, so since you said silicone should not be heated, how do you sterilize. I’ve heated all bottle nipples because instructions say to. Might my child have consumed some leaching material?

  26. Shawn says

    Hi – Like a previous replier, I have easily found the Thinkbaby Thinkster stainless steel bottle with straw on Amazon and I’d love to know if there was any other reason you put it in the Sneaky Stuff other than limited availability before — like secret lead spots or whatever.

    Thank you.

  27. Stefina says

    My gut says Munchkin’s miracle steel 360 Sippy Cup would fall under “sneaky stuff”. Any thoughts on the top portion of the cup?

    • Maia James says

      These are stainless steel and silicone and polypropylene, but they do also contain TPE (which I find conflicting info on, so I would avoid for now).

  28. Melissa Blackburn says

    Hello, I am wondering what is the best way to clean/sterilize the stainless steel bottles and silicone nipples. Some people say always sterilize bottles and nipples daily. Some say you can wash in the dishwasher. Some say soap and water is good enough. I am looking into getting the Pura Kiki bottle. I am most concerned about how to sterilize the silicone nipple. Thanks. 🙂

  29. Kuleen says

    Thanks for the information. So is there any lead concern with Termos Foogo? I also use the Thermos Funtainer, which appears just like Foogo. Would you know if that has any lead concern.

    I agree the straw inside seems like plastic in both of these sippy cups. Isn’t that a concern with Thermos?

    Link: Thermos Funtainer:

  30. Aleya says

    This is so helpful! What should I do? We’re starting the transition but skipping the sippy spout (he didn’t like that) and straw. Since the munchkin 360 isn’t good, what’s an alternative? My little is really liking the 360 and now I’m not sure what to do.

  31. Danielle Amitrano says

    Hi Maia,

    I own dr browns glass bottles and use silicone sleeves for the daycare. My daycare heats the bottles in a small crockpot is it safe for the baby to be handling the heated silicone sleeve (she always grabs the bottle lol) thank you !

  32. Melissa says


    Pura Kiki is made in China, correct? Is China truly trustworthy as the place lead in many of there goods? Green Sprouts is also made in China. I realize the companies make the choice. I only wonder if Pura is truly making a good one?

  33. Becky says

    Just curious if you have a list of safest/best bottles that you recommend? Or if you did any research on them?


    • Maia James says

      I assume you mean baby bottles? We haven’t done an official guide on this yet, but basically anything glass or stainless steel is Good Stuff:).

  34. rochelle ralston says

    Hi Maia,
    Are you familiar with the Wow cup, it is suppose to promote learning how to drink out of a regular glass while containing spills. It says that it is made of BPA free and phthalate free food safe grade plastic. I’m having difficulty finding the exact plastic used.

    Curious of your thoughts.

    Thank you!!

  35. Em says

    Hi Maia,

    I was wondering if you can recommend any baby utensils and plates as well? I thought stainless steel utensils is too hard for him yet. My baby has started with solids and I have him use oogaa made of silicone. They said it is electric sterilizer safe.
    Thank you.

  36. Brittney457345 says

    I bought the Pura sippy after reading this article. They are very nice but my 1 year old already dented it a few times and now it’s all wobbly when setting it dow . As nice as it is that it’s certified toxic free it should be cheaper for how fast they need to be replaced. I picked up a think baby stainless steal sippy cup with a straw at Mothers Market. It feels like it’s made of a thicker then the pura.

  37. Meg says

    Thank you so much for all of your helpful articles! My baby is starting daycare and they are saying no to all stainless steel/aluminum (“too heavy, could hurt someone if it’s dropped”) and glass (“too heavy, could break”) sippy cups. I am using the Comotomo silicone bottles for breastmilk (which I don’t love, but feel OK about), but looking for a water bottle/sippy cup option that has as little plastic as possible. What would you do???

  38. Lauren says

    In terms of the Thermos Foogo, do you know what type of plastic the hard straw inside the cup is made of? If so, what are your thoughts on this type of plastic? Thanks!

  39. Mamaof3 says

    We’ve had tons of issues with our Pura kids cups. They are definitely not one cup for life. They are super thin stainless and even minor drops dent them terribly (which show me a child or adult who won’t accidentally drop them sometimes). Especially where the lid screws on, causing MAJOR leakage. My toddler bites through the silicone on the straws and he’s not even a big “chewer”. And lastly and more importantly they grow black mold like crazy on all the silicone pieces. We have a cup for each of my 3 kids and the mold is literally imbedded into the silicone parts where it cannot be scrubbed off. And I clean the parts regularly. I personally emailed the company and they were less than helpful. We will no longer waste any more money on parts to extend the life of these cups. They are completely impractical.

  40. Kali says

    I went through 2 pura kiki straw cups and both became deformed on the bottom so the bottom surface became rounded to a point where the cup would rock and fall over easily. Another friend also had the same problem. I emailed the company to complain and was told this was normal, not covered by warranty, and they wouldn’t do anything about it. A toddler cup that starts falling over after a month of use is useless and definitely defective so even though it’s made out of the right materials, I don’t think you should recommend it.

  41. Jackie says

    Hi what about the bran Zak stainless steel bottles for kids. They claim to be 18/8 stainless steel. Not sure about the inside of the bottle containing plastic though, it is not shiny and has a lot of welding lines?

  42. Renee says

    Hi! Just wanted to share that I recently ordered a green sprouts cup and the inner glass part no longer has any paint or markings on it. I’m assuming they’re trying to avoid the toxic paint. So it’s safer now, as long as you don’t need to know how much liquid is in the cup.

    • Ryan says

      We bought a green sprouts (before reading about people freaking out about the paint on the glass), and it has clear glass. No paint. I’m assuming they listened to the concerns and changed the glass. I’d assume it’s totally lead-free now. (I haven’t read all the comments – maybe someone already mentioned this. I came to this post because I got concerned about the silicone top on the green sprouts, but I guess I shouldn’t worry.)

  43. Gerry says

    May I add to the confusion? Just because stainless steel is referred to as “stainless” and is known to resist corrosion doesn’t mean that it cannot corrode or leach the constituents of its alloy. Under certain conditions it corrodes more rapidly than mild steel, and those conditions could quite easily be met in a drink container like a sippy cup.

    Many years ago, when I was a Physics department technician at a London University college, I was tasked with setting up an exam experiment to measure the electrical capacitance between two circular metal plates a fixed distance apart in distilled, deionised water — but the attempt failed because the plates released ions into the water causing any charge to leak rapidly away before any meaningful measurements could be taken. I contend that the same thing would happen in a “stainless steel” container with a child’s drink in it — and stainless steel has a high percentage of nickel in it, a poor addition to anyone’s diet! Admittedly the degree of leaching is likely to be low, but the persistent amount over time? Who knows?

    My own vote would go to glass or ceramic whether as the main container or as a coating. I don’t know enough about silicones to offer an opinion on them.

  44. Ainslie says

    Hi Maia! I love your site and it’s been such a wonderful resource for our family! Have you looked into Go Glass sippy cups? My pediatrician wants us to get one with two handles and I prefer glass to stainless steel. The Go Glass looks ok to me– it’s a glass bottle with a silicone sippy lid and a silicone sleeve– but wanted to see if you had an opinion on it.

    If you dislike it (or haven’t looked into it), can you think of something that would work for us to satisfy those factors? Thanks so much!

  45. Heather says

    Hi, Thank you so much for all this awesome information on cups! I have some Thermos Funtainers and saw that you say these are good. I was worried about the inner hard straw and emailed the company. They responded saying that while the soft flexible straw is silicone, the rigid inner straw is LDPE. Is that plastic a concern? I really don’t know anything about it. Thanks again!

  46. Jen says

  47. Amy says

    Very informative although there were a few grammatical errors that took away from the importance of this post. I will be doing my own research based off this.

    • John Goss says

      Thanks Amy,
      Thanks for the heads-up. There are a few of us that post and grammatical errors periodically show up. Can you let us know where?

  48. Mell says


    I can’t find on your website and wondering if you can recommend a “healthy” option for kids learning utensils? I have some small metal ones but I’m preferring something a little softer for my little one and am worried about using plastic. Thanks!

    • Suzanne Weaver-Goss says

      Did you mean eating utensils? If not, not sure what you mean by learning utensils. Please clarify? Pens and pencils? Crayons?

  49. clara pelaez says

    I have an insulated stainless steel Hydro flask for kids, Have you looked into this brand? I don’t see it on your lists.
    thank you

  50. Samantha says

    Petite Collage makes a cup as well that goes with the lunchbox I bought off your site are those recommended?

  51. Kim says

    Hi, I recently purchased a Green Spouts sippy cup and there was no paint anywhere on the glass bottle insert. It was just a plain glass bottle. Am I missing something or has the lead issue been resolved and this is now a safe cup to buy?

  52. Charlene S Ruan says

    The funtainers by thermos use plastic caps AND have a plastic straw???
    They say it’s not for hot liquids?

  53. Kathleen says

    Or just use 4oz and 8 oz glass mason jars that you probably already have on hand to store breastmilk, use as a baby bottle and as toddler sippy/straw tumbler. Can get needed accessories from: and All non-toxic made of: silicone, glass and stainless steel. (Mason bottle has the only nipple that’s made in USA). Both companies MADE IN USA! 🙂 Have worked great for us.

    Kathleen W.

  54. Lauren Gomez says

    I contacted Klean Kanteen and they said they’re sippy spout is polypropylene? Is that still considered good stuff?

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